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This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

Rear spoiler design with ASOM v7: six-bar linkage with 3 planes (1/2)

In cases where a third plane condition is not offered by a synthesis, you can, for example, alternatively use our script system together with diagrams, to check in real time how well a middle plane condition is met.

Bild bestehend aus der Benutzeroberfläche von der ASOM Kinematik-Software zum Fallbeispiel "Heckspoiler-Auslegung: Siebengelenk mit 3 Lagen (1/2)"
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Although our six-bar syntheses strictly speaking only allow the specification of 2 plane conditions, it is still possible to design six-bar linkages in ASOM v7 to fulfill 3 plane conditions.

Instead of placing a third constraint for the middle plane, our scripting system can be used, for example, to check in real time how close the trajectory of a test point (P1) comes to the middle plane point (P2) at best (as an expression or as a diagram). At the same time, it is also possible to check how much the angle of the moving plane differs from the specified angle of the middle plane at the smallest distance of P1 and P2. Finally, you can check whether the third plane (S3) is really reached exactly or at what distance the system stops before that because of a dead position.

With this additional information, which is always available in real time, the design parameters of the system can now be influenced in a purposeful manner and an insight into whether solutions exist and where they are located can be quickly obtained. As is well known, the solution space shrinks with every additional design constraint, so that with this approach (middle constraint does not need to be fulfilled exactly) an acceptable approximation can often be found even for problems that do not have an exact solution.

The forces in this example are only meant to illustrate the fact that force considerations of arbitrary complexity can be considered at the same time as the kinematic design (e.g. as further secondary constraints for the design). In the form as shown, they do not necessarily represent the real force situation at a rear spoiler.