This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

The kinematics software ASOM in other fields of application

Hospital beds, wheelchairs, folding tables, airplane storage compartments, but also block and tackle systems, canvas lifting devices and similar applications. With our kinematics software, you can also quickly and conveniently find practice-oriented solutions for many other kinematic problems from various fields of application.

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Selected examples

Here you can find a selection of examples for other industries, which show how easy and uncomplicated they can be solved with the kinematics-software ASOM.

Quickly create visually realistic presentations for problems from many fields of application

The features of ASOM are also suitable and helpful for the design of kinematics in many other industries. No matter whether you want to develop hospital beds with many adjustment options or just a portable projection screen. ASOM offers you the possibility to model and analyze any kinematic system, with or without the support of our syntheses or parametric constraints. The systems can include gears, rack-and-pinion elements, bowden cable connections or belt drives, as well as sliding or rolling contacts between arbitrarily curved contours. With the new parametric constraints, you can both define the start state directly, just like in a sketch, which you might already have, as well as display measurements during the simulation. By using them in appropriate combination, you can also generate symmetrical systems that can be easily modified without losing their symmetry. With our drive control you can define how a system should move. In addition, you can use it to define conditions that the system will then wait for and react to. This means that even complex movements or asynchronous movements of multiple subsystems can be achieved.

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