This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

ASOMmini - the stream­lined entry-level solution with superpowers

You are a layman and just need to design a four-bar linkage? Or you want to optimize an existing six-bar linkage or adapt it to new requirements? ASOMmini makes these tasks easier and helps you in finding usable results in a short time.

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The beginner-friendly kinematics software

Regardless of whether you are still a student or want to continue your education. With ASOMmini we offer you a streamlined solution to quickly solve simple kinematic problems for linkages without complex specifications and constraints. As you know, kinematic problems can be real time sinks and can be calculated manually only in special cases.

Analyze and optimize your system quickly and easily

With classical methods or CAD software it often takes days or weeks to find a viable solution, even for simple problems. Even without the syntheses and scripting system of our all-rounder ASOM v7, the advantages and disadvantages of kinematic systems can be quickly assessed and tested with ASOMmini. Visualize bearing forces or display diagrams of values over time, measure angles and distances at any point in your system.

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Observe kinematics in real time

Every small change you make to a kinematic system in ASOMmini is immediately tracked and its effect is calculated and visualized in real time. This makes the iteration time for the development process so short that in many cases a solution can be found manually with ASOMmini just as quickly as with a numerical optimizer in other software.

ASOMmini is not meeting your needs?

If you want to benefit from the complete functionality of our kinematics software ASOM, it will probably be ASOM v7 – the big brother of ASOMmini – which is the right choice for you.

Define and use complex movements

Use our drive functions to impose the movement you want on your system in the shortest possible time. Chain any number of sections together to realize more complex movements. Define boundary conditions explicitly or let the system automatically smooth transitions (with up to c2 continuity).

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A quick and easy way to get to a visual presentation

In ASOMmini as well, you can import DXF files to include sketches of your components, mounting zones and surrounding structures in your simulation. This way, you can quickly and intuitively arrive at a simulation that you can use to present your solution. Demonstrate quickly and intuitively the consequences of changes to your available adjustment parameters.

ASOMmini is exactly what you have been looking for? We look forward to hearing from you.

Just contact us, without any obligation, so that we can get to know each other and discuss details at an initial net meeting. We will also be happy to address your individual requirements and to resolve any open questions.

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