This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

The kinematics-software ASOM in the automotive industry

No matter whether you are dealing with pedestrian protection, tailgate, spoiler, pedal set, door handle, folding seat or other applications. With our kinematics-software, you can quickly and conveniently find practice-oriented solutions for most typical kinematic problems in the automotive industry.

Selected examples

Here you can find a selection of examples for typical problems from the automotive industry, which show how easy and uncomplicated they can be solved with the kinematics-software ASOM.

Implement kinematic projects for the automotive industry in a time-saving manner

ASOM has many features that are necessary or helpful when designing automotive kinematics. Use our syntheses to accurately maintain start and end positions of a motion while adjusting the geometry of your system. Use our element shadows to visualize and check arbitrary intermediate positions. Incorporate external forces, centers of gravity (including inertia effects), springs, and friction, and measure the force or torque requirements of your systems or drives. With the new parametric constraints, you can parametrically define the initial state as well as take measurements throughout the simulation. With our diagrams, which can display all measurement data from the simulated system in arbitrary combination, you will quickly get a comprehensive overview of all important data.

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of our kinematics software?

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