ASOM – The Kinematic Software

ASOMmini - The lightweight kinematics software with force calculation

You do not work full-time with kinematics, but you have to design a four-bar linkage for a project? Or maybe you want to try and optimize an existing six-bar linkage or another complex multi-bar linkage or adapt it to fit new requirements? You simply want to get into the subject of kinematics and are looking for an intuitive tool? We offer you a kinematics software package that facilitates these tasks and helps you to obtain usable results in a short time.

ASOMmini Basic

Short-term applications
On Demand Per 4 Weeks

ASOMmini Ultimate

Full-term applications
On Demand Per Year

ASOMmini Pro

Medium-term applications
On Demand Per 90 Days

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • For general requirements
  • Real-time analysis
  • Find solutions almost immediately
  • Intuitive handling
  • With guide curve design
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The beginner-friendly kinematics software

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Regardless of whether your company develops automobiles, training equipment, care beds, hinges, fittings, window or cupboard systems, etc.; regardless of whether you are still a student or just want to further educate yourself – engineers in every industry sector are aware that kinematic problems can be very time-consuming and can only be calculated manually in special cases. Moreover, they do not always occur so frequently in everyday work to make learning the use of a complex and extensive specialized software such as ASOM v7 an appealing solution.

With ASOMmini, we now offer a more lightweight solution to quickly solve simpler kinematic problems for linkages without complex specifications and constraints but, for example, including the consideration of forces and friction.

With classical methods or CAD software, even for simpler problems, it often takes days or weeks to find a viable solution, and then you still have to deal with questions of force transmission and the consideration of joint and bearing forces in other tools. ASOMmini, on the other hand, allows you to achieve a usable result in the shortest possible time, simply by simulating arbitrarily complex linkages (with a limited set of kinematic constraints) and their behaviour for you in real time, even up to the bearing forces.

Analyze and optimize your system

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Even without the syntheses and the scripting system of our multi-talent ASOM v7, the advantages and disadvantages of kinematic systems can be quickly assessed and tested with ASOMmini. Display bearing forces and diagrams of values over time, measure angles and distances anywhere in your system. Use imported DXF drawings to visualize the available installation space or the shape of components, if necessary.

Observe kinematics in real time — immediately see what's going on!

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Every change you make to a kinematic system in ASOMmini (such as changing the positions of joints or force application points) is immediately tracked and its effect is calculated and visualized in real time.

This makes the iteration time for the development process so short that in many cases a solution can be found manually with ASOMmini just as quickly as with a numerical optimizer in other software.

Define complex motion sequences

Use our drive functions to impose any desired movement on your system. Concatenate any number of sections with each other to realize even complex movements. Define boundary conditions explicitly or let the system automatically smooth out transitions continuously (up to C2 continuity).

Use our tools for guide curve design to calculate the corresponding generating guide curves for complex movement specifications.

Present your system in motion

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Use the options for importing DXF files to include depictions of your components in the simulation, even as moving parts.

This way you can quickly and intuitively arrive at a simulation that allows you to present your solution directly. Demonstrate quickly and effectively, which consequences result in changes to your available free parameters.

Including force calculation and friction

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Use force elements such as masses, external forces, energy storage (tension spring, compression spring and gas spring can be simulated using different settings and characteristics) and torques. Let our kinetostatic force calculation system tell you how much force your drive or a human hand needs to execute the movement you have defined.

Define joint-force-dependent friction and moments of inertia for a more complete consideration.

In the user-friendly modern user interface, you can therefore not only simulate the kinematics of your system, but at the same time conveniently access all relevant information (holding forces, torques, etc.) and have it displayed in graphs in real time.

Various interfaces for import and export

Apart from the already mentioned option to import DXF drawings from CAD programs and optionally connect them to moving links, we offer the possibility to import and export force profiles and characteristic curves. Any diagram data, as well as calculated guide curves, can also be exported as value lists in TSV format.

Features (overview)

  • Kinematics based on revolute joints and prismatic joints
  • Rotary & linear drives, which can be controlled individually
  • Animation of motion sequences
  • Forces with importable force profiles + energy storage (usable as tension spring, compression spring, gas spring) with importable characteristic curve
  • Force measurement in drives + manual force
  • Friction in joints
  • Trajectories, centrodes and joint forces in real time
  • Diagrams