ASOM – The Kinematic Software

The Kinematics Software ASOMmini

ASOMmini is a software for the fast and conceptual design of planar or 2D kinematics. It is also very suitable as an interactive teaching material for courses with a focus on linkage design, kinematic and kinetostatic analyses and mechanisms.

You can create linkages with rotary joints and sliding joints. Additional joints can also be added later.

The drive function can be edited graphically using diagrams, but it can also be entered or changed numerically. It is also possible to have more than one drive at the same time, i.e. systems with more than one degree of freedom. In addition, forces, friction and masses can be added and the motion sequences and trajectories of the kinematics can be visualized and adapted in a highly interactive way.

ASOMmini can be purchased by companies and educational institutions and is available in German and English and in two themes.

Excerpt from the ASOMmini feature list

Path length, position, velocity, acceleration, bearing forces, centres of gravity, moments of inertia, inertia, rotary joint, sliding joint, links, links fixed to the frame, trajectories, diagrams over time, friction torques, gravity force, coefficients of friction, pin diameter, force vector, locally fixed force direction, globally fixed force direction, time-dependent force function, joint forces as animated arrows with scaling, roller follower, flat-faced follower, cam disc / guide cam, various drive functions, animation speed, changeable symbol size, simulation steps, notes and other features.

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