This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

This website is aimed exclusively at companies and legal entities under public law.

ASOM training courses

To enable you to take full advantage of the functionality of our kinematics software ASOM, we offer various training options, either on-site or online.

Basic training

For new customers, we recommend our three-day basic training, in which we introduce you to the operating philosophy of ASOM and explain in detail the correct use of the software features and actively practice with you using example projects. As part of the basic training, practical questions can also be addressed, e.g. how your current kinematic problems can best be implemented and solved in ASOM.

Advanced training

Building on our basic training, we offer a two-day advanced training course, which in turn deals with more complex topics and especially the ASOM scripting system.

Workshops and

As an alternative to the advanced training, we also offer problem-specific workshops in which you determine the topics, as well as on-the-job training to optimize your kinematic models and your ASOM workflow.

Do you have any questions about our ASOM training courses?

Just contact us, without obligation, and we will be happy to advise you on the various training options and the corresponding conditions.

All training courses are also available as online trainings.

By default, our training courses usually take place at our customers' premises or alternatively at our premises in Wuppertal. However, due to the corona pandemic, we also started offering all of our training courses online. This worked quite well, so we decided to continue offering online training as an option.