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Tutorial 9: Forces and Sensors

In this tutorial the basics of how to measure important kinetostatic quantities like e.g. holding forces and bearing loads in the kinematics software ASOMv7 are explained.

It is based around a simple four-bar system (consisting of two cranks/rockers and a coupler), with a mass and a force placed on the coupler, where two alternative holding torques have to be determined. The instantaneous center of movement is used to visually check the correctness. After that, a joint force and its components are determined for one of the joints. Only one holding torque is necessary, but an arbitrary number of variants can be computed at the same time in the same project.

To compare the results, the project ‘ASOM v7 TUTORIAL-009 Forces and sensors I’ generated in this video, can also be downloaded here.

Example Project

Forces and Sensors sample