ASOM v7 Tutorials

Introduction to the Tutorials

In the following, you will find tutorials for ASOM in the form of a series of videos. Working through the tutorials will enable you to understand the approach that ASOM uses in the search for optimized mechanisms.

The tutorials do not claim to be complete, though. The subjects that are treated fully or only touched on in part include: kinematic analysis, interactive kinematic exact-pose synthesis (two-plane synthesis, three-plane synthesis), kinetostatics, ergonomical considerations like holding torque or manual force observation, kinematic degrees of freedom, and many more. The illustrating examples are mostly kept on a generic level. They employ multi-bar linkages with a varying number of parts as example systems, e.g. four-bar linkages, six-bar linkages, various slider systems and other linkages. More advanced features like the simultaneous analysis of multiple what-if cases for forces, the motion control system, the additional possibilities by using the scripting system, creation of curved guides, and the use of various energy storages like tension or pressure springs, gas springs or spindle drives are only explained briefly.

The contents of some the tutorials build on each other, so we recommend to watch them in the listed order. To be able to use the software ASOM in an efficient and targeted way to solve your practical real-life problems we do recommend that you attend one of our ASOM basic training courses after working through the tutorials.

And now please enjoy yourself with the tutorials.

ASOM v7 TUTORIAL 1 Preliminary Notes
Preliminary notes

Tutorial 1: Preliminary Notes

Here you will find useful basic information about the ASOM v7 TUTORIAL series. We illustrate here briefly what ASOM v7 is, what kind of kinematic tasks it can be used for, and how the tutorials are supposed to be worked with.

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ASOM v7 TUTORIAL 2 Overview

Tutorial 2: Overview

In this tutorial, a quick and basic overview of the most important features of the kinematics software ASOM v7 is given, using a multi-bar linkage as an example.

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ASOM v7 TUTORIAL 3 Simple Kinematics

Tutorial 3: Simple Kinematics

In this tutorial the kinematics software ASOM v7 is used to create and animate simple plane linkages, like a one-bar, four-bar or slider-crank system, but also a planetary gear and a rack-and-pinion.

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ASOM v7 TUTORIAL 5 Degrees of Freedom
Degrees of freedom

Tutorial 5: Degrees of Freedom

In this tutorial it is discussed, how the information that the kinematics software ASOM v7 displays about the degrees of freedom of a kinematic system or multi-bar system can be used to create functioning kinematic systems.

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ASOM v7 TUTORIAL 6 Motion Control
Motion control

Tutorial 6: Motion Control

In this tutorial, we explain how to use the motion control feature in the kinematics software ASOM v7 to obtain desired animations for multi-bar systems.

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ASOM v7 TUTORIAL 9 Forces and Sensors

Tutorial 9: Forces and Sensors

In this tutorial the basics of how to measure important kinetostatic quantities like e.g. holding forces and bearing loads in the kinematics software ASOMv7 are explained.

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