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Rear Spoiler Kinematics with Joint Friction

Basic example for the kinematics of a rear spoiler with masses, forces and bearing friction.

The example created with the kinematics software ASOMv7 shows the kinematics of a rear spoiler system with two possible drive options at different locations, each of which also has been equipped with a virtual torque sensor. In this way, for example, the necessary, direction-dependent torques for the drive can be measured at two locations simultaneously and can be compared with each other. Various masses for the levers and swingers are taken into account, as well as various other forces and force components (e.g. a wind load), and also various instances of force-dependent bearing friction (joint friction). These implement sliding friction (not static friction) with different coefficients of sliding friction for the bearings in question (acting according to Coulomb’s law).


German version (no English version available)


Example Project

ASOMv7 EXAMPLE rear spoiler