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Kinematics of a truck lift gate

Basic example of the kinematics of a tailgate lift or lift gate in a medium duty truck.

The example shows a conceptual kinematic design for a truck tailgate lift or lift gate, in form of a linkage driven by two hydraulic cylinders (i.e. with two degrees of freedom). The necessary actuating forces generate corresponding bearing forces, which are determined, taking into account friction coefficients and friction torques, and then are presented graphically.

The mechanism can then be modified. All necessary strokes and resulting forces (here: bearing forces) are adjusted immediately, or rather even in compressed time.

The movement of the lifting platform consists of several partial movements, such as opening, transition to the horizontal position, lifting and lowering of the horizontal platform, and the additional lowering of the loading edge onto the road surface.


Example Projects

ASOM v7 EXAMPLE Truck Lift Gate