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Kinematics of a furniture hinge

Basic example for a furniture hinge, simulated in ASOMv7. The example shows a hinge system, connecting the door and side wall of a cabinet.

In addition to the necessary actuating force (here the manual force), the joint forces are also determined. Friction forces are also taken into account. To this end, the coefficients of friction were specified here for each individual joint.

In addition, a tension spring is integrated into the fitting system as an energy storage element. The kinematics design software ASOMv7 determines both the actuating forces required from an ergonomic point of view and the friction forces in the individual bearings.

The calculations are performed once with and once without consideration of the tension spring. A collision check also shows whether and when the door collides with the side wall (or when the separating distance falls below a given minimum).

By means of an interactive manual optimization the load on the joints is improved and collisions are prevented.


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ASOM v7 EXAMPLE Furniture Hinge