Research and Education

Here you can find video examples from the field of research and education. They are concerned with topics of a more theoretical nature or illustrate general concepts.

ASOM v7 EXAMPLE friction cone
Friction cone

Kinematics example: friction cone and self-locking

Basic kinematics example for self-locking under force-dependent friction. Friction occurs between a vertical guideway and a fork with a mass in the center of gravity and two contact points on the guideway. This friction is described in each case by a coefficient of friction or a friction value in the two sliding bearings, which, for

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ASOM v7 EXAMPLE Kinetostatic Sensor Field
Sensor field

Kinetostatic Sensor Field

In this example of a four bar system generated ‘on-the-fly’ multiple manual force curves are determined in real time. The concept is also applicable to other multi-bar systems. The kinematic analysis can be extended, e.g. to the determination of the corresponding bearing forces.

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ASOM v7 EXAMPLE Truss Calculation
Truss calculation

Truss Calculation

An example for the interactive calculation of a truss (here: a simplified bridge) with the kinematics software ASOM v7, considering the following features:

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