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Gas Spring Front Hood

Example for the handling of a gas spring and its integration as an energy storage for a car hood, using the kinematics software ASOMv7.

This example briefly illustrates various possibilities and features to include a gas spring in a tailgate or front hood design with four-bar kinematics. This includes the following possibilities:

  • to use and include a desired gas spring in a targeted way, using the gas spring synthesis
  • the declaration and modification of the synthesis planes (initial plane as well as target plane, with the gas spring properties computed in 3D if needed)
  • the SIMULTANEOUS consideration in force computation of different inclinations, optional loads like e.g. snow load, friction effects, movement directions, manual force action points, temperatures
  • use of ideal or real gas laws (VdW: Van der Waals, BWR: Benedikt Webb Rubin, BWRS: Benedict Webb Rubin Sterling, always with the possibility to modify even the underlying modeling constants of these gas laws)
  • to compare with the situation without the gas spring
  • the option to guarantee the mounting situation at a certain point in time (i.e. fully open state)
  • the option to use a simple but very powerful scripting environment to consider even your own individualized quality criteria