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Foldable Step-Ladder

Comparison of two mechanisms in the kinematics software ASOM v7.

Using the example of a two-step folding ladder for a mobile home, it is shown how two systems can be organized in layers for the purpose of a direct comparison. One mechanism is a six-bar linkage with a scissors kinematic. The second multibar system is a parallel linkage, or more specifically: a parallel-crank linkage. In both cases, a kinematic synthesis was used to find a solution, and the forces were then analyzed. From the forces, in turn, the necessary torques for both of the linkages can be determined. Additionally, it is shown how to implement forces that depend on the ladder position (extended or retracted) with the aid of scripts.

The corresponding ASOM project can be downloaded. It has been extended and now also shows a full comparison of forces.


Example Project

ASOM v7 EXAMPLE Foldable Step-Ladder