ASOMv7Example video

Flap for kitchen wall unit with spring support in ASOM v7

This example shows how the force conditions for a six-bar hinge mechanism on the flap of a kitchen wall unit can be checked quickly and easily with the kinematics software ASOM v7.

The flap has an opening angle of 110° and is supported on both sides by tension springs. The aim is to create a suitable manual force curve for different flap weights (here: 2 to 8 kg) with the help of the adjustably mounted springs. A suitable manual force curve is positive at the beginning (when closed), i.e. force must be applied to open the flap at first, and becomes negative at about 15-20° opening angle and then remains negative, i.e. the flap opens by itself all the way to the end.

The six-bar linkage was previously created with the corresponding synthesis tools in ASOM v7 (two-plane synthesis).