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Kinematics of a pop-up roof of a mobile home

In the following you will see an example of the kinematics for a pop-up roof, generated with the kinematics design software ASOMv7, which is often found in the caravan industry for camping vans and caravans.

The gas spring is designed in such a way that the roof opens automatically. Depending on the prevailing temperature, different actuating forces are required to close it again (see coloured graphs).

The mechanism used here is a scissor kinematics, which is a special case but can also be seen as a representative of the larger class of six-bar mechanisms.

At the end position of the pop-up roof, the gas spring is fully extended. This and similar kinematics can also be found in access hatches and other roof pan types.


Example Projects

ASOM v7 EXAMPLE pop-up caravan roof