ASOMv7Example video

ASOM v7 Example “Umbrella”

In this video the example of a typical umbrella is used to demonstrate how to purposefully create variations of a kinematic system in ASOM in order to find better solutions. For this purpose not only single elements but also groups of elements can be moved together, if necessary also restricted to  only the X or Y direction.

Due to the real-time capability of ASOM, it is then possible to use the end position preview and the joint force and manual force diagrams to quickly get an overview of the influence of the respective changes on the overall movement and the force distribution. The same applies to the influence of force variations, here in the characteristic curve of the pressure spring in the system.

In this example, the manual force must always be negative, since it models the necessary opening force measured in the direction of movement of the lower slider and the umbrella is supposed to open automatically due to the pressure spring. A positive manual force would therefore mean that the user would have to assist in opening the umbrella because the spring is not strong enough.