Update ASOMv7

ASOM v7 2.5.810 available

Logged-in users can now find the newest release version 2.5.810 of ASOM v7 on our Download page. To update your copy of the software, download the ASOM v7 installer, uninstall the old version and install the new version.

The following changes were made in this version:

  • Kinematics: rolling of curved guides on curved guides and much more with the new element type “Travel Connection”
  • Kinematics: new property “Pressure Angle” for gear pairs can generate additional joint force effect that forces gear joints apart
  • Friction: efficiency/friction for gear pairs with the new element type “Gear Friction”
  • Drives: relative linear drives now also work on splines/curved guides
  • Drives: relative linear drives can alternatively count their drive value from the origin of their rail
  • Drives: conditions for drive values in motion control can now also query deactivated drives
  • Diagrams: new diagram type “Motor Torque” for spindle drives
  • Script: in script data sources, access to other (script) data sources is now possible via up to two user stages
  • Script: several new script properties and functions for points (more value queries), couplers (more value queries and transformations), gas springs (friction/tolerance parameters), the simulation (more simulation parameters) and several other element types
  • Various corrections and improvements