Update ASOMv7

ASOM v7 2.5.709 available

Logged-in users can now find the newest release version 2.5.709 of ASOM v7 on our Download page. To update your copy of the software, download the ASOM v7 installer, uninstall the old version and install the new version.

The following changes were made in this version:

  • Forces: Force tolerances are no longer limited to being symmetrical (+x/-y instead of +/-x)
  • Export: the point export has been extended to a geometry export, so that an export to DXF files now includes not only points, but also lines, rectangles, polygons and circles
  • Export: Excel bindings in expressions now also understand the specification of a target cell via offsets to a cell with known cell contents (i.e. reference to text in a nearby cell)
  • Export: the Excel export of expression results now works even while the target file is opened in Excel
  • General: when working with expressions and when exporting via Excel bindings, multi-selection of entries is now possible
  • Import: changes in settings for the DXF import are now remembered for later DXF imports within the same session
  • Various fixes and improvements