About ASOM

You want to design a multi-bar linkage from scratch? Or ‘simply’ change an existing one? We offer you a kinematics software that will not only make those tasks easier, but will also help you to arrive at optimized conceptual solutions in the shortest time yet.

ASOM – Analysis, Synthesis and Optimization of Multi-bar linkages

Your advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly
  • Real time analysis
  • Quick solutions
  • Build for real-world needs
  • User-defined requirements
  • Intuitive use
  • Inverted approach
  • Interactive synthesis
ASOM_v7_BEISPIEL_Fachwerk Berechnung
ASOM v7 EXAMPLE Truss Calculation

The user-friendly kinematics software

ASOM Programmausschnitt

No matter if you develop cars, exercise machines, windows, cupboards, hospital beds, etc. – as an engineer in any industry you know how much of a time sink handling kinematic problems can be.

Especially if you want to put complex linkages into practice. The slightest change in a multi-bar linkage can completely derail the motion you planned for. Add influencing forces, available construction spaces and other restrictions to the mix and it is practically guaranteed that it will take months to garner some viable results.

However, with ASOM’s aid you will find the optimal solution in next to no time.

Motion to linkage

Our multi-bar synthesis processes allow you to benefit from the advantages of the inverse approach in this kinematics software: you begin by determining positions and angles (points and planes) you want attached parts to reach. The software will subsequently assist you with each step of the creation and adaptation of your linkage.

This gives ASOM a unique position on the user-centered kinematic software market.

ASOM Siebengelenk

Solutions in real time — see what you are doing!

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Furthermore, any changes you make to your kinematic system (e.g. a four-bar or six-bar system) in ASOM are tracked and their effects computed, simulated and visualized in real time. This makes the development process highly interactive and comprehensible.

Quickly and intuitively derive a usable presentation

Use our syntheses to quickly find a multi-bar system that implements your desired movement. Use our features for importing DXF files or image files to attach depictions of your actual parts to the mechanism. In this way you can quickly and intuitively derive a simulation that you can also use directly for presenting your solution.

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A practice-oriented multi-tool

ASOM Das praxisnahe Multitool

ASOM contains a huge variety of tools used for the creation of mechanical linkages. Their user-friendly design allows for much more than ‘just’ simulating your system’s kinematics.

You can easily gather all relevant information (like holding forces, moments of a torque etc.) in a table or let it be plotted out.

Features (Excerpt)

  • Various kinematic components
  • Rotational & linear drives that can be individually controlled
  • Real time trajectories
  • Animation of motion sequences
  • Display of end positions
  • Forces & force monitoring
  • Diagrams
  • Linkage syntheses
  • Energy storage syntheses (gas spring, pressure spring, tension spring, torsion spring, spindle drive)
  • Script functionalities for the implementation of your know how

Request Interactive ASOM Software Demo

Please feel free to request a live interactive presentation of the ASOM software, given either via netmeeting or in person at your location.